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Forty-something and unable to find a job?

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Yesterday, I ran into a 49-year old lady, who spent a good amount of time describing the difficulties she was running into with her job search, all of which she believed was age related.  She is not the only one.  Recently, I have spoken to a good number of job-seekers who believe that the primary reason why they are not finding a job, getting the position they want or even just a promotion is because they are too old??!!

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Wondering what’s wrong with your job-search?

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Forget the economy, if you have been unsuccessful at securing a job, you may be doing something wrong?

Yes, the economy is really bad, but…

Whereas the economy may affect the rate at which one gets a job today, you always need to remember that organizations will hire when there is a genuine need; and that the employer makes the decision to hire not the economy.  Of course, you have more competition now; because there are more people out of work, both qualified and unqualified.   As a job candidate, it is your duty to beat the competition and nail that job.  Below are a few tips that will help you achieve this.

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Five Things You Can do to Take Charge of Your Career During Harsh Economic Times

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With recent shortages in employment and with unemployment agencies in most States reportedly running out of funds, American workers are taking charge of their own careers, and what they are doing to survive today’s economy may surprise you.  Below are five things you can do to backup your current employment, and if you are currently unemployed you may still benefit from the information here.

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