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9 interview tips that could get you hired!

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1.       Come Prepared:

Today’s job seeker should realize that they have a lot of competition.  It will be unfortunate to end up being disqualified as a candidate for a position you qualify for, just because you did not take the time to prepare.  According to Dan Klamm, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator at Syracuse University Career Services, “Succeeding at a job interview is all about coming prepared: Doing company research and being able to articulate how your unique skills and experiences are a fit for the job.” Employers want to know that you have done your homework.   You can show this by, demonstrating what you know about the organization and its key people; by understanding the position you have applied for; by being able to define who you are; by effectively communication your past experiences and credentials; and by being able to understand how you are expected to respond to different circumstances.

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Is Resume Blasting a Good Strategy for Your Job Search?

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With so many people competing for the same open jobs, the thought of using one application to reach thousands of recruiters and hiring managers must sound very attractive.  Seemingly you would cover more ground in less time; and why not – all you need to do in  most cases is to fill out one online form and in a matter of minutes, your resume is instantly emailed to thousands of subscribing recruiters, and employers or posted in multiple online job-boards nationwide.  This concept is called resume blasting, and while it may sound like the perfect strategy to boost your job-search, take a minute to consider the following viewpoints before diving in. Read more of this post

Overqualified, over-experienced or over-educated?

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At some point or the other most people encounter rejection labels in their search for jobs.  Commonly we expect “not enthusiastic enough”, “job-hopper”, “rookie”, and even “no experience” to be on the list, but should “over-experienced” count as a rejection label?  The answer is yes! It doesn’t matter what you and I think, employers will use one of the labels, overqualified, over-experienced or even over-educated, when they want to reject your candidacy, albeit they cannot fault your qualifications and experience. It may not pose too much of an issue if you encounter such rejections once or twice, however, if you are experiencing this at every single interview you go to, then there has to be a problem with your application, resume or interviewing style, which must be addressed immediately. Read more of this post

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