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Why are you not getting any responses to your job applications?

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Yes, it has happened to even the best of us, you visit the job-boards and respond to over 100 job posts that you feel are well matched to your experience and qualifications; yet the only responses you ever get are the automated emails acknowledging that your application has been received and is being reviewed.  You visit the job-board 6 months later (or more), and the same jobs are still being advertised.  What does this all mean? In today’s article, you will uncover what may be happening to your applications.

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25 Top Job Interview Mistakes

[tweetmeme source="prorecruiter10”] So you finally got the interview, do you know what interview mistakes you should avoid?  An interview is a very sensitive meeting; and many know from experience, one wrong move could cost you.  Having interviewed numerous individuals myself, I decided to list what I believe to be the top-25 factors that could turn what would have been a positive interview sour.

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What “discouraged workers” are doing to survive unemployment may surprise you

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According to, discouraged workers are those who have, “… given up on searching for a job because they found no suitable employment options and/or were met with lack of success when applying.” Interestingly, not all individuals that have lost their jobs and that are also termed “discouraged workers” are completely out of steam. What they are doing to survive unemployment may come as a surprise to you!

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